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What are your plans after completing your graduation? Some of you would opt for higher studies; some would take up a job, some would work while they learn. Thus, the moment you complete your graduation, you must be ready with your resume, which you might need any moment. This resume would help you apply for various jobs. However, your resume does not complete your job application. Confused? We mean to say that your job application is complete when you send a resume cover letter along with it. The best of the resumes written after reading professional example resumes need to be put forth effectively such that the resume is short-listed for further rounds. We would here thus discuss about cover letters and cover letters for graduate in specific.

While surfing the web, you might come across many websites where you would find Graduate cover letters. Wonder how these are different from the regular letters. The difference is the degree. This letter presents your qualification and skills. When you say a graduate cover letter, it simply means a letter written for a graduate’s resume. A graduate person might not have too much work experience, his/her professional skills still need to go a long way, etc. However, this cannot stop him/her from applying for a job nor from writing a perfect cover letter for his/her resume that would help him/her get the job. Thus, we can see special sample letters for graduate candidate’s resume.

The title of the letter differs and to some extent, the matter that goes into it might differ. However, the purpose of the letter remains the same. It aims at short-listing the resume and getting you the most awaited interview call. This letter serves as answer to the employee’s questions and thus increases the relevance of your job application. When you succeed in answering some important questions of the employer, the moment he/she sees your job application, you hit the target. Make sure your letter answers three questions –

  • Who are you?
  • What are the skills and qualifications you possess that will benefit the organization?
  • Why should we choose you?

These three questions thus help you understand what your letter should include. In case of graduate cover letters, a few points to remember are as follows:

  • Since you do not have any work experience, stress on your skills and academics
  • Read the job description thoroughly and analyze how your skills suit the same
  • Mention some incidents or events that justify your skills related to the job
  • Having a strong reference would be an added advantage

Besides this, since you are a fresher and this would probably be your first cover letter, reading some sample resume cover letters is essential to avoid any mistakes. Asking for help from someone who is good at it is advisable. Above all this, mention only what you can justify. Giving fake information might land you in big trouble. Learn how to write effective cover letters to enhance your resume and get into your dream job.

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How to Write Graduate Resume Cover Letter

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This article was published on 2012/02/27