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If you're reading this then you're most likely in a position where you need to write one great cover letter for a job that you want pretty badly. Are you one of those people who put off getting around to it, and when you finally do, you get writer's block?

Well, if this is a persistent problem, then getting cover letter help using a professional service may be a very good idea. Think of the time you'll save, not to mention all the anxiety. A well-written letter can definitely be the catalyst to being called in for an interview that could change your life. Focusing on creating a powerful and effective letter must be one of your first goals in your job search strategy.

Defining Cover Letters

A cover letter is typically a single-page document that you send along with your resume when applying for a position somewhere. The resume has all the facts and figures and details about your academic and work experience, while the letter is your opportunity to give your potential employer a sense of what you're like as a person. Its your chance to convey what kind of special qualities you bring to the table, so that the hiring manager can tell how well you might fit in with the rest of the staff. It's probably the first impression you'll make to the hiring manager. Consequently, it is in your best interest to sound natural and personal when creating a letter, without being too informal.

The Process

Here's some cover letter help that can make a difference. If the advertisement said to mail your resume to a P.O. Box number, I would call the company and find out if I could find out who specifically I should address it to. That will make you stand out a bit. The fact that you took the time and effort to find that information may well earn you some points. After all, initiative and investigative skills are usually valued in the work place. Head hunters often recommend bypassing the Human Resources Department entirely when you suspect the competition is tough. You don't want to be viewed as just another applicant. I've said before that it's important to address your letter to a specific person. Avoid greetings like: "To whom it may concern", or "Dear Marketing Director".

Most professional services, when providing cover letter help, will suggest you organize your letter into three different segments. In the first segment, be direct, assertive, and quite clear about the exact position you're applying for, referring to the advertisement. Describe yourself in terms that you think would appeal to a CEO. Talk about your proven track record, and how you have always strived to complete projects before their deadline. Talk about achieving sales levels above those expected by your current manager, etc.

In the second segment, discuss how closely you meet the employer's stated requirements and desired traits. Use the same language if possible, as that used in the advertisement. Don't ever falsify your history, but you can be flattering in a matter of fact way. It's not a bad idea to use bullet points to make the cover letter appear more organized and appealing to the reader.

Want some more cover letter help? Good. The conclusion segment of your letter should briefly summarize why you feel you are especially qualified for the position. You need to then make what some refer to as a "call to action", where you request a time and a date be arranged for an initial meeting. Use a black ink pen to place your signature on the line right above your type-written name. Finally, provide the contact information for yourself and any references that were asked for, always including phone numbers and emails if possible.

Now before you send it, proof read your resume and cover letter for spelling errors using a word processor. After that, read the letter again to determine if you can find errors in sentence structure or meaning that might not be detected by the word processor. One more thing. Ask someone you know and trust to give you some cover letter help and also proof read the letter and give you some constructive feedback.

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Useful Cover Letter Help

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This article was published on 2010/03/29