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You may believe you only need a single sample cover letter, but it is actually worthwhile to consider writing a few different cover letters samples. It's best to have a variety of samples to help you apply for the jobs that interest you more quickly. Samples can be created to represent a few different scenarios.

When you write your cover letter samples, write one for a position similar to your current job and another letter for a position that would be an upward move for you. Although you might think it is something you do not want to take into consideration, you should also create a sample for jobs below your current level. With all these samples at your disposal, you can apply for various types of positions with ease.

You're going to want cover letter samples that include positions relatively comparable to the job you have now, as well as samples for jobs that are one step up from where you are now. You may even think about creating a letter sample for a position you are actually overqualified for. Taking this approach insures that you're prepared for lots more kinds of positions that may come along. When you start the process of writing a letter sample for a job or career that you might consider to be a lateral move, emphasize your current job responsibilities. Construct the sample so that it clearly discusses the specific functions you are responsible for in your current job. I would also suggest you avoid mentioning job duties you currently perform that might be thought of as being below your skill level.

When you write cover letter samples for a position you consider to be above your current situation, try to include job responsibilities which are outside of your normal scope of work. Including this information should help to make it clear you are ready to take on more responsibility.

You should also avoid not having a sample of a cover letter for a position lower than yours. Maybe right now you think you would never apply for such a job, but you simply don't know what the future may bring. In certain cases, the large employers actually pay for the lower level employees more so than your current employer might be paying you, or you could find yourself in a layoff situation.

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Writing Cover Letter Samples

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This article was published on 2010/03/29